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The experience accumulated on account of mass industrial production of the insulators with operating voltage less than 110 kV allowed transferring to scientific research, design and trial works for development of the polymer post rod insulators of 220-500 kV voltage class.

In 2004 the company conducted check tests of the polymer rod post insulators IPRP-8-220/950 with silicon rubber protective mold (220 kV voltage class in solid design with overall height of 2100, 2200, 2300 mm) for the first time in Russia and started supplying these insulators.

The necessity for development of such type of an insulator was invoked by the wide-scale spontaneous breakdown of insulator columns that quite frequently resulted in serious aftermaths.

The insulator is designed for insulation and support of current-carrying components of electrical devices, electricity distribution plants with 220 kV voltage, electric stations and substations with 50 Hz frequency (for out-door operation, including high pollution conditions). The insulator, in particular, may be used as a component of rotary disconnecting devices, supporting conductor lines and «knives» of outside plant disconnectors, and as a part of bus rod support.

The insulator differs favorably from its porcelain counterparts due to its low weight and safety of operation. The flanges manufactured of aluminum alloy are not subject to corrosion. Service lifespan of the insulator equals 30 years.
  1. In February 2005 the article IPRP-8-220/950 has passed the corresponding (compulsory) acceptance procedure initiated by RAO EES of Russia (Unified power grid of Russia) and is recommended for usage at the power supply installations.
  2. Full-scale production has started in July 2005.
At the moment more than 2000 insulators of type IPRP-8-220/950 are manufactured and they are successfully used in various electricity supply grids in Russia. The polymer insulators of 220 kV voltage class are installed at the below listed substations:
  • In electric power supply networks of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Chita, Chukotka, Ust-Kamenogorsk (Kazakhstan), Nizhnevartovsk, Petropavlovsk, Irkutsk, Nizhniy Novgorod and so on.
  • At the enterprises: “Magnitogorsk Iron-and-Steel Works”, Nizhnevartovsk gas processing complex, Kolsky Mining and Metallurgical Integrated Works, Achinsk Oil Processing Factory and so on.

The trial operation of polymer insulators has demonstrated high service performance ratings and simplicity of assembly.

Launched production of 220 kV voltage class insulators allowed transfer to manufacturing of post polymer insulators of 150 kV voltage class of a unified design with overall height of 1600 mm. Insulator IPRP-12.5-150/650 is interchangeable with porcelain post insulators.

Starring from 2005 the “Alfa-Energo” company offers new products of IPRP type with 150 kV voltage class. More than 150 insulators of IPRP-12.5-150/650 type were already manufactured. In December 2005 the company has supplied insulators with silicon rubber mold (made in three different colors – separate color for each phase) as components of the electrical equipment to OJSC “Achinsk Oil Processing Factory” substations.

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