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The insulators play one of the key roles in provision of safe transmission of electric energy and minimization of energy loss.
Scientific and production firm «Alfa-Energo» is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of polymer post rod insulators.
The insulators may be of the following types:
By application:
  1. Rod post insulator. The mentioned type of insulator is to be used as rotary insulating elements, supporting conductor lines and «knives» of outside plant disconnectors, and as a part of bus rod support.
  2. Line post insulators. This type of insulator is to be used at high-voltage power transmission lines, electricity distribution plants and AC substations.
The main advantages of the polymer insulator are: improved corrosion resistance of outer polymer insulation under conditions of polluted air; reliability and endurance in the wide range of mechanical loads and temperature changes; light weight; significant savings achieve during assembly and replacement, vandal-proof design and so on.
The type of design, the protective mold material, voltage class and mechanical destructive power determines the type of the polymer insulator.
Conventional designation of the insulator’s type contains letters and digits, which mean the following:
I - Insulator
P - Post
R - Rod
P - Polymer
10-110; 8-220 and so on - Value of mechanical bending failure in kN; voltage class, kV
450, 480 and so on - Lightning impulse testing voltage, kV
Please, find below an example of a conventional designation of the IPRP-10-110/450 insulator
  • Value of mechanical bending failure – 10 kN;
  • Voltage class – 110 kV;
  • Lightning impulse testing voltage – 450 kV;

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