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Equipment manufacturers
Hapam Poland, Poland (comment dated August 22, 2008)
In June 2008 the company bought a trial lot of the silicon rubber insulators of 170 kV for using them with the disconnectors in a Swiss project.

Moscow electrical network company
(comment dated May 4, 2010)
Since 2005 insulators IPRP-220 kV and IPRP-110 kv, made by Alfa-Energo, have been using in energy units of our enterprise. There were not any problems when its mounting and operating. The insulators keep line with all specifications declared. There are no claims on its quality.

(comment dated April 1, 2003)
There were no problems with installation of polymer insulators. We have no complaints for operation of the mentioned insulators (September 2002 – March 2003). We would like to continue using polymer insulators.

(comment dated November 11, 2003)
Insulators were installed in February 2003. Installation was not problematic. We have no complaints for their operation.

(comment dated April 4, 2003)
IPRP insulators were installed in May 2002. There were no problems during installation. We have no complaints yet.

Kazakhstan state electrical network company (KEGOK)
Sarbaisky electrical network company (comment dated February 12, 2008)
Composite insulators of 110 kV made by Alfa-Energo LTD were installed in 14 disconnectors (84 pcs) and on 12 bus bar towers of 500 kV (144). Operation of insulators as components of disconnectors and bus bar towers deserved no negative remarks. Last year there was an inspection of insulators by the special device "Termacam P65" (FLIR). As a result no local heatings were revealed on the surface of the insulators.
Furthermore the surface of the insulators were tested by electronic defectoscope for the purpose of partial discharge revealing, but the tests were passed successfully without any remarks.

Electricity transmission networks (comment dated March 29, 2002)
We have purchased IPRP polymer insulators in 2001. We have no complaints for operation of polymer insulators during this period

Regional electrical network enterprises
Permsky krai (comment dated April 10, 2010)
In 2009 year insulators of IPRP type of 220 kV, manufactured by Alfa-Energo Company, were purchased and installed in our substations. There were not any problems when its mounting. The insulators show its high performance. There were not incidents relevant to production quality and mechanical strength. We welcome continuation of cooperation with your company concerning procurement of these insulators.

Samara (comment dated October 10, 2003)
Energy supplying companies installed polymer insulators, produced by the “Alfa-Energo”, in 2002-2003. There was no necessity in conduction of routine maintenance during their operation. The mounted insulators work as components of disconnectors without any problems. There were no mishaps associated with the quality of production and mechanical ruggedness of the insulators.

Chuvashia (comment dated May 5, 2002)
The IPRP type insulators, which we purchased, were installed in September-October 2001. We observed no deficiency in course of their operation.

Bashkiria (comment dated September 9, 2003)
All RGD (dual-type horizontal disconnector) disconnectors were equipped with post rod insulators manufactured by the “Alfa-Energo” company. Our experience of usage of disconnectors with silicon rubber polymer insulators is not significant, but two last winters were quite snowy and frosty and we did not experience any problems invoked by operation of disconnectors.

Bashkiria (comment dated April 7, 2003)
The enterprise started installation of IPRP polymer insulators in 2000. We have no complaints for their operation yet.

Archangelsk (comment dated September 31, 2003)
Conduction of preventive maintenance works was not necessary during operation. Insulation is cleaned annually during scheduled repairs and technical maintenance of electric power supply lines. The installed insulators are working without malfunctions components as components of disconnectors. No malfunctions associated with the quality of insulators’ production or their mechanical ruggedness was not registered.

Komi region (comment dated October 10, 2003)
There was no need in preventative maintenance. Operation of insulators as components of disconnectors and bus rod support deserved no negative remarks.

Yekaterinburg (comment dated March 20, 2001)
For the period of operation starting from March 15, 2000 the disconnector SGF-123 completed several switching-on/switching-off procedures without any complaints from the field personnel. There were no complaints for operation of rod post insulators under conditions of seasonal and daily air temperature changes. There was no vertical deflection revealed (alignment of movable contact remained unchanged). There were no visible discharges at the surface of insulators.

Rostov (comment dated November 18, 2005)
Polymer post rod insulators of IPRP type are being used since 2000. Currently we have 300 pieces installed. For all the period of operation of 110 kV disconnectors, equipped with polymer disconnectors, there were no malfunctions.
Advantage of application of polymer insulators in comparison with porcelain insulators:
  1. There is no necessity in testing of disconnector pole terminals for presence of micro cracks.
  2. There is no necessity in installation of protective sheet metal hoods over the wires actuators of the disconnectors.
  3. The field personnel are confident that there will be no break-up of insulators during switching procedures.
  4. There is no necessity for any additional measures during assembly because of much lesser weight of polymer insulators in comparison with porcelain ones.
  5. The insulators reliably function in the wide range of contamination (pollution) level of the environment.

Udmurtia (comment dated April 26, 2010)
Polymer insulators of IPRP-8-220/950-B (26 pcs) , made by Alfa-Energo, were installed in substation "Glazov" of «Udmurtenergo» ( a branch of JSC «IDGC of Centre and Volga region») in 2006 year. At present we have no reasons for complaint about the quality of manufactured insulators and its current operating.

Energy generating companies
Krasnoyarsk Territory (comment dated July 28, 2010)
Replacement of porcelain rod post insulators on distribution plants to polymer insulators of 110 kV and 35 kV made by Alfa-Energo exclusively at one of heat stations on Krasnoyarsk Territory was performed until 2010 year, it was mounted 540 pcs. of the polymer insulators. The insulators were mounted one-in-one in column. Your product fully satisfied our requirements, we have never had any censures of your insulators.
Your company supplied the insulators with full documentation package in proper time. Your insulators are easy and quick to mount; it has exact dimensions as stated in a questionnaire.
In 2010 year our superior company made a decision to purchase insulators made by AIZ Close Corporation, result is as follow:
1. The delivery was not made in proper time that did not allow us to carry on replacement of rod post insulators of 110 kV on distribution plants according to schedule.
2. AIZ Close Corporation did not perform our requirements for mounting holes as stated in the questionnaire.
3. When participating in our tender AIZ Close Corporation did not pay any attention to our requirements of its mounting one in another in column and was not ready to supply us with the required insulators.
It required additional improvement and test of the insulators. How AIZ Close Corporation got a certificate for the complete insulators is a riddle for us.
4. Supplied insulators have not got works number and logs.
5. All the supplied production and documentation became worthless when delivering. Management of AIZ
Close Corporation promised to supply with the documents’ duplicates.
Taking into account the above-stated, we hope for further cooperation with your company and consider the company as safe and honest partner.

Krasnoyarsk Territory (comment dated July 21, 2010)
Krasnoyarsk Territorial Company -13 uses polymer rod-post insulators of 220 kV, made by Alfa-Energo Company, as rotary column of outdoor disconnectors.
The insulators have been showing its high performance during its usage ( 12 pcs. since 2006 , 24 pcs. since 2009 ). There were not incidents relating to production quality and its mechanical strength.
Your insulators are easy in mounting because it was manufactured according to our dimensions, as opposed to insulators made by LLC «AIZ», for which the above-mentioned requirements caused big difficulties in manufacturing.
Hope for the further cooperation.

Chukchi Peninsula (comment dated June 16, 2010)
I would like to note that your products comply with all announced specificat Polymer insulators IPRP-110 kV made by Alfa-Energo were placed in operation at Chaynskaya heat electropower station ( a branch of Chukotenergo) in the 3rd quarter of 2008. There were not any malfunctions of its integrity since the beginning of its operation. The insulators stand the wind load and equipment switching load well.

Chita (comment dated November 21, 2003)
I would like to note that your products comply with all announced specifications. The most pleasant aspect is the ease of the insulators’ installation. In particular, we have spent only 2 days for replacement of porcelain insulators with IPRP insulators. I would like to wish you success in future. We do hope for further cooperation

Altai (comment dated May 22, 2006)
In 2005 our enterprise installed and launched IPRP polymer insulators. For the period of their operation there were no technological failures or breakdowns invoked by these insulators. The installed insulators are working under condition of medium contamination. The advantages are: no necessity in repairs (cleaning of insulation and fittings), low weight, and good dielectric properties.

Nuclear Power Plants (comment dated April 2, 2004)
In 2003 all purchased IPRP insulators were launched into operation. There were no negative remarks associated with their operation as components of disconnectors SGF-123. We are planning further replacement of porcelain insulators with polymer ones.

Industrial enterprises
OJSC Achinsk Refinery of Western Oil Company (comment dated March 31, 2010)
In 2005 year polymer insulators IPRP-220 kV and IPRP-110 kV, made by Alfa-Energo, were mounted in our substations 2 220/110/10 kV. It has not got any complaints revealed on-stream and its troubleshooting.

Tobolsk-Neftehim LTD
(comment dated March 17, 2010)
In 2006-2007 years polymer insulators IPRP-10-110/480 and IPRP-12,5-150/650, made by Alfa-Energo LTD were in our substations. The insulators show itself to the best advantage during its operation. There were not registered any disrepairs and failures connected with its service. Distinctive feature of the insulators, manufactured at your enterprise, is aesthetically acceptable form that was not lost during the operating. Maintenance and tests that were carried out in 2007 did not revealed any departures from declared specifications.

(comment dated November 15, 2007)
Polymer insulators IPRP-10-110/480 and IPRP-12,5-150/650, made by Alfa-Energo LTD were installed in our substations. There were no complains during their operation. Indicated insulators have good hydrophobicity and dirt from the surface can be removed very easily. The isolated part is made of silicon rubber of different colors for phase indication. There is no necessity to renewal the phasing during the operation. Polymer insulators are installed very easily as they are much lighter in weight than the porcelain ones and additional adjustment is not required.

Tyzhpromarmatura (comment dated February 19, 2003)
Polymer insulators of IPRP type were installed instead of porcelain insulators at selector switch disconnectors and feeder disconnectors. Installation of insulators was not problematic. During operation in fall and winter we have not observed corona discharge or dust collection. Short term of operation showed that IPRP polymer insulators are reliable.

Magnitogorsk iron and steel works (comment dated June 8, 2004)
Insulators have demonstrated high operational properties during operation:
Operational reliability under conditions of polluted environment;
Endurance to torsion and flexure;
Shock and impact resistance

Ufa factory “Electroapparat” (comment dated October 6, 2003)
For the period we have started production, we had no negative remarks on the quality of the insulators. They fully comply with normative and technical documentation. The design of support flanges (full-length bores) and low weight of the insulator provide additional favorable conditions for conduction of assembly works. We have received multiple positive assessments from regional electricity supply grids which are using our disconnectors equipped with IPRP-110 kV insulators manufactured by the “Alfa-Energo” company. Your enterprise is our strategic partner.

Niznevartovsk gas processing works (comment dated December 7, 2004)
We have used porcelain insulators in insulation columns of 110 kV and 220 kV manual driven disconnectors. Due to low quality of porcelain insulators we have experienced breakdowns of insulation columns, failures of 110 kV and 220 kV insulators, emergency shutdown of production during switching procedures. The field personnel were risking their lives conducting routine switching by disconnector with manual drive installed in the mid section of the disconnector. We do consider that the way out of such situation was replacement of 110 kV and 220 kV manual driven disconnectors with disconnectors with remote control. But it is hardly possible to do this under condition of operating production – both in economic aspect and from the viewpoint of design, construction and long-term reconstruction works. In order to take the psychological pressure off the personnel, we have installed steel hoods over each disconnector, roofs over the manual drive all other the length of the disconnector and wide enough.
With the start of polymer insulators production in Russia (you were the first), we have bought polymer insulators manufactured by the “Alfa-Energo” company and replaced porcelain insulators at 110 kV disconnectors with the polymer insulators. Polymer IPRP insulators of 110 kV voltage class entirely removed the psychological pressure sustained by the personnel engaged in routing switching procedures. Due to their lightweight they can be comfortable mounted. The assembly does not require much time and the routine switching procedures at disconnectors can be done much easier. During one year of operation we have revealed no defects or breakdowns.
We have planned reconstruction in 2005 – replacement of most dangerous manual driven 220 kV disconnectors with remotely controlled disconnectors: at two feeder and two repair jumpers. Due to the fact that you have already started serial production of polymer insulators for 220 kV disconnectors, we plan to conduct replacement of porcelain insulators at the 220 kV disconnectors in 2005.

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