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The porcelain insulators, currently used in electricity supply grids, possess the array of critical weak points: they are fragile and subject to frequent break-ups in course of scheduled redesign and repairs; they are not capable of sustaining drastic changes of temperatures under climatic conditions of the northern regions of the country. The porcelain is subject to frequent break-up in “switching on/switching off” mode, in particular, during the change of cold season for warm one and in course of a seismic activity. Besides that, the surface of porcelain is subject to build-up of dirt (mud film formation) thus demanding wash-up of insulators from time to time.
Such situation may be improved on account of application of IPRP insulators (Polymer post rod insulators) created on basis of glass-fiber and protective coating made of organic-silicon rubber.
The scientific and production firm “Alfa-Energo” is the pioneer of polymer post insulators production in Russia. The company has designed and launched into mass production the IPRP types of insulators designed for insulation and support of current-carrying components in electrical devices, electricity distribution plants and substations with 35/110/150 and 220 kV voltages.

The “Alfa-Energo” was the first to develop and launch mass production of 220 kV voltage class insulators in single block design.

The IPRP insulators are to be used as rotary insulating elements, supporting conductor lines and «knives» of outside plant disconnectors, and as a part of bus rod support. The design of the polymer post insulator provides the required level of mechanical ruggedness, rigidity and insulating strength which in its turn is being provided by the optimal choice of insulating material, the cross-section of the load-bearing element, overall dimensions of the design and the type of flange connections. The choice of optimal parameters is the key to the uniqueness of the design of the new type of insulators. In other words, the required mechanical ruggedness may be achieved by application of a monolith glass-fiber rod (as a load-bearing unit) manufactured by means of pultrusion – manufacturing process for production of continuous lengths of a glass fiber with its simultaneous impregnation with plastic binder and its solidification in a forming bushing. The pultrusion fiberglass has high mechanical and physical properties: the tensile strength up to 10000 kgf/cm2, flexing strength – up to 7000 kgf/cm2 and elasticity coefficient – up to 350 000 kgf/cm2. Besides that, the insulator’s rod shall possess certain level of rigidity for minimal deflection of load bearing end of rod from the initial position.
According currently acting norms and requirements for the 110 kV and 220 kV voltage class insulators, the deflection rate shall not exceed 10 mm. For the 330 kV voltage class insulators this deflection shall not exceed 20 mm under the flexing strain of 150 KGF. The IPRP insulators manufactured by the “Alfa-Energo” company fully comply with the above-mentioned requirements.
The polymer insulators of IPRP series have been subjected to a full range of testing as parts of disconnectors used in Russia. Up to date more than 50 000 insulators of this type were manufactured and sold to the operating companies. The successful operation of the insulators under conditions of wide spectrum of destabilizing factors, including rapid changes of environmental temperatures from -60◦C to +60◦C, various classes of operating environment, mechanical impacts on so on, only do confirm the highly reliable operational properties of the insulators. The significant decrease of dimensions and weight and an evident lack of necessity in technical maintenance in some cases provide the new insulators with a clear advantage in comparison with the insulators of other types, mainly with the porcelain insulators.
High level of fault-free performance in course of new insulators operation is being provided by the 100% step-by-step operation checking at all manufacturing stages and 100% testing of electrical and mechanical properties of the insulators before dispatch to the consumers.
The already accumulated experience of serial production of insulators with 110 kV voltage class allowed the “Alfa-Emergo” company to launch production of polymer rod post insulators of 220-230 kV voltage class. It was decided to use the fiberglass pipe impregnated with foamed silicon rubber as a load-bearing unit.
The connection flange is also a key component of the insulator’s design. The design of the coupling flange shall provide maximum decrease of electric field stain in the vicinity of its coupling with the insulating unit. A reliable operation of IPRP insulators under the impact of high voltage was achieved by means of thorough analysis of the electric field properties and due to measures targeted at decrease of its strain to the permissible level.
The experience of practical usage of the IPRP insulators in any respect allows considering that these insulators are highly competitive with insulators of other types, boasting at the same time significantly decreased weight (2-10 times less than the weight of porcelain insulators)

IPRP insulators – additional advantages

  • Reliability. The accumulated experience of the “Alfa-Energo” insulators operation is more than 6 years. The customers forwarded no complaints for the poor quality of the insulators yet. There were no registered electrical grids malfunctions associated with failures of insulators in course of operation.
  • Service life is 30 years.
  • Application of organic-silicon rubbers produced by the world leading manufacturers with designed out-doors service life of at least 30 years.
  • Certification. ENERGOCERT Association, Russian State Standards Agency and «ENCERTICO» voluntary certification system certify the insulators manufactured by «Alfa-Energo» company.
We got multiple positive comments received from our customers.

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