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ALFA-ENERGO LTD — a leading Russian developer, manufacturer and supplier of 10-35-110-150-220 kV high-voltage polymer rod post insulators.
The company offers polymer rod post insulators of IPRP series and polymer long rod insulators of 15-500 kV.
Polymer insulators are modern alternative to traditional ceramic and porcelain insulators.
Polymer rod post insulator IPRP is to be used for insulation and protection of current-carrying units in electric devices, electricity distribution plants, switch substations with 10-35-110-150-220 kV voltage as rotary insulating element, supporting conductor lines and «knives» of outside plant disconnectors, and as a part of bus rod support.
The volume of supply from 1999 made up more than 70 000 polymer insulators. There have been no reclamations in the process of their operation.
The company works actively and plans joint projects all over Russia and outside the country.
Among main customers are electrical grid organizations, nuclear power stations, and big industrial companies.


  • Reliability
    Russian substations have more than 6 years experience of “Alfa-energo” insulators exploitation. Polymer insulators of IPRP series have been subjected to a full range of testing as parts of disconnectors. The company has modern industrial and testing facilities. 100% of finished products are tested.
  • Antirust material
    Flanges are produced from antirust material (aluminum-based alloy).
  • Insulation
    All developed and brought in serial production constructions use supporting element of continuous execution with electric strength from 40 to 80 kV/cm at any section. From 2003 unit-cast protective silicon mold is used in “Alfa-energo” insulators, which is produced by technology of pouring under pressure at vulcanization temperature up to 120°. Liquid silicon rubber is durable and contamination proof.
  • Certifications and testing
    "Alfa-Energo" LTD has got the certificate ISO 9001:2000 in TUV NORD CERT. Composite (polymer) post insulators IPRP and polymer long rod (suspension) insulators LK, made by Alfa-Energo, LTD, passed the tests successfully according to IEC standards in the International Independent Laboratory FGH Engineering - a laboratory of the CESI Group (Manheim, Germany).

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